nico goes down under

26.09.2007 not really a progress...

Hi Guys,

yes I know even when I repeat myself....I am a bad bad girl

I promised you new pictures and now it is September and no sights of my can punish me later if you want to.....well a lot of things to do and no time for current entrys....but I will try my best to proof you wrong

Oh by the way....CONGRATULATIONS to Vikky and Greig you both are engaged.....I was really earned to be one of the first persons to know.....I wish you both all the best and a healthy lucky crazy and funny life together....I am lucky to have met you both and hopefully we will be in contact for ever.....tonight I will make a toast to you guys and will post a picture of you two....a special can be exited.....

Well....something else new....just much work....drinking....smoking...and.....well...that doesn't concern you

see ya

26.9.07 12:15

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