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3.10.2007 check out my new website

Hello is happening ;-) check out my new website you can read everything what is going on from now on at this webpage......ok it isn't finished jet but the pictures are working ;-) and so you can discover every day something new......see you soon on this is exciting.....hope to read from you ;-)

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2.10.2007 still no pics

still no pictures...and I am thinking this is whats gonna kill is driving me insane..........I tried the past weekend to upload and reload to see that it isn't working....stupid pc or alive.....but all right...try to move you realise that in 10 weeks will be Christmas.....and than new seems so far away that I was in Australia for a couple of month....but when I am looking through the pictures I am still there...........well I try to run my own website that you although can enjoy the beautiful pics and what is going in here in Germany with me and my ordinary life....just is like always....amazing

talk to you later guys....

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28.09.2007 problems with uploading pics

Hi Guys,

well even I recornised that something is wrong with that stupid web-blog.....I don't know why but unfortunatly I can't upload pictures at this time....well it is really a pitty....but I will try to find a solution.....otherwise there is to tell that in the next weeks my own homepage will be there is definetly a way ;-)

You will read from me....

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27.09.2007 well I try to being better

So...I hope you all have had a nice day and to say good night I post another picture.....sleep well you all

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to the happy you are engaged and I am soooooooo happy for you wishes from Germany!!!!

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26.09.2007 not really a progress...

Hi Guys,

yes I know even when I repeat myself....I am a bad bad girl

I promised you new pictures and now it is September and no sights of my can punish me later if you want to.....well a lot of things to do and no time for current entrys....but I will try my best to proof you wrong

Oh by the way....CONGRATULATIONS to Vikky and Greig you both are engaged.....I was really earned to be one of the first persons to know.....I wish you both all the best and a healthy lucky crazy and funny life together....I am lucky to have met you both and hopefully we will be in contact for ever.....tonight I will make a toast to you guys and will post a picture of you two....a special can be exited.....

Well....something else new....just much work....drinking....smoking...and.....well...that doesn't concern you

see ya

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04.07.2007 I am a really bad bad girl

Hello Guys,

Yes I know...I promised to show you all the pictures from travelling....but what should I say... I am a bad bad time.....much work....well if you want to say that drinking a lot of beer and wine, catch up with friends, is work  I mean you know me no worries.....just be a bit polite and wait some days more.......till I am not drunk anymore....

Cheers nico

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